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1000 Bamboo Villages

Episode Summary

Arief is greening the world by planting bamboo. As our timber resources decline, bamboo is becoming an important alternative. But how do we ensure that we can grow enough bamboo to meet growing demand? Arief wants to establish 1000 Bamboo Villages. By empowering communities to plant and harvest bamboo sustainably; we can help them improve their livelihoods, restore degraded landscapes, and mitigate the impact of climate change. Tune in to learn more about his approach towards a sustainable bamboo forestry.

Episode Notes

1000 Bamboo Villages Link

Arief's Book: "Towards Resilient Bamboo Forestry: A Reference Guide for Improved Management of Clumping Bamboo for Timber Bamboo" by Arief Rabik, Ben Brown

Arief's Bio: Trained in environmental sciences, Arief is considered as the world’s top bamboo forestry and harvesting expert. He founded Indobamboo and aims at combining production with community development. He is a member of the Indonesian delegation for COP 21, 22 and 23.

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